American Expat in Paris
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LocationParis, France
Specialist InThe expat/immigrant life, French faux-pas (learn from my mistakes!), being a student of the language and culture.


Melissa brings her experiences of moving to France, learning the language and integrating into the culture to SayBonjour. Melissa moved to France in 2014 to have a fresh start in life. She didn't speak the language upon arriving and had her fair-share of culture shock. But through the journey, she has recreated her life in Paris through learning the language and culture. Now, two years later, Paris is home, she speaks French, is engaged to a Frenchman and plans on calling France her forever-home. A graphic designer/photographer by trade and a storyteller at heart, she loves sharing her experiences, her faux pas, her struggles and most of all the joys of life as an expat in Paris.